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Belt and Road Czech Station

Czech Station is the major project for Zhejiang Province to actively and deeply participate in the development of "Belt and Road" Initiative. It aims at giving full play to Czech's locational and industrial advantages, to build an open complex as a service center, a trade transit and a logistics hub, ...

Project CooperationSuccess often comes from the efforts of a group of people.
  • Sub-project Investment
  • Freight Station
  • Logistics Park
  • Zhejiang Silk Road Center
  • The hub of Sino-European freight train cargo, multimodal transportation and Sino-European Export-Import distribution center.
    Freight Station
  • China's Zhejiang province warehousing and logistics center for the integration of Chinese cross-border e-commerce products and European imports.
    Logistics Park
  • European Distribution Center of both Zhejiang-manufactured products and Europe-produced commodities; a comprehensive service park providing services related to scientific and technological cooperation, office and conference, law and finance, economic and trade consultation, business administration and cultural exchange etc.
    ​Zhejiang Silk Road Center
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